• Image of GENESIS
  • Image of GENESIS

Limited Edition of 77 ( 10 remaining )
24" x 24" // archival prints on 300 gsm Moab Entrada
Every shipment will include a print of the poem written by Evan Schiller

38" x 38" - archival edition also available
museum quality UV resistant archival pigment on canvas
edition of only 10 ( 5 remaining )
Stretched : $1450
Un-stretched : $1300
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You many have noticed, there is no right side up :) This piece can be flipped either way!

Poem to give insight into this piece:

Behind movement
there is stillness.
Beneath chaos
there is grace.
Before matter there was mind
unbound by time and space.
Its thoughts were just like seeds
that sowed their code
where darkness reigned;
bursting open at their seams
they dreamed to learn what they contained.
Genesis has many faces
but it always starts the same.
Darkness comes to light
like a sleeping giant wakened;
forming words on cosmic lips
that ripple outward like a quake
to say
I am
what I have always been.
Composition and composer.
The unfolding moment
as told through two eyes
a trillion times over
over the course of overlapping lives.
One story
untold sides.
Unfold anything
you’ll find the whole inside.
We all hail from the same soul
temporarily divided;
temporally confined
behind walls we build
with the sands of time
inside our own minds
to remind us how time flies.
Close your eyes.
A human being’s true colors
aren’t the hues we hide behind;
being human is a ride
our spirit tries when stars align.
Everything is one
we just perceive the world in twos.
But to exist is to be fused.
When souls collide new cells arise
so life might start anew.
Duality is not a duel;
The yin and yang’s a centrifuge
that fades away to shades of gray
as we move into the center’s truth.
The eye of the storm as my witness
all movement is born
in the womb of stillness.
Chaos is wooed into order
imbued with the warm grace
of light’s rapturous rays
and from that matter
rose the human mind
bound in time and space.
Its thoughts are just like flowers
sprouting out from boughs of trees
dreaming of forgotten roots
inside the dark
when they were seeds.
They came and went
like autumn leaves.
We come and go
like autumn leaves.

written by Evan Schiller for "Genesis" by Hans Walør

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