• Image of FROM THE HEART

24" x 32"
Edition of 35

Signed and numbered in silver
Archival UV resistant giclée on 290gsm

Finding your offering to give to the world... From The Heart... From rising sun within each of us.

The geometries of this composition play a significant role in symbolism and story. The center point being the sun / heart, which everything emanates from - giving way to the triangle of fire or creation - transitioning to the hands which are offering one's gift to the world.

The circle over her eye represents one's unique perspective on life. The center axes line runs north and south over the face of the woman and head of the hawk, indicating that center line of energy that runs from your heart to your third eye center. The lines on the hands represent trials and tribulations that one experiences throughout their life. The highs.. The lows.. and everything in between. Similar to lifelines in a tree or rock striations, which document the environmental history. The mountains represent my upbringing in the Rocky Mnts. of Colorado.

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